About the Commission

To ensure that the veterans living in Butler County receive every possible benefit entitled to them on a federal, state and county level.  We strive to maintain a strong relationship between the veterans, spouses or widows/widowers of veterans, dependents of veterans and the agencies in place to serve them.  It is our honor and distinct pleasure to serve the veterans of Butler County.

Our Commissioners:

Chuck Weber
Chuck Weber. commissioner - Copy

Tom Jeffers
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The American Legion
Dave L. Reed II 
Dave Reed.Commissioner - Copy (2)

Bruce Jones


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Hamilton Office
Call us: 513-887-3600
Middletown Office
Call us: 513-425-8600

"We must act on what we know. I take as my guide the hope of a saint: In Crucial things, unity; in important things, diversity; in all things, generosity.